“Clean” Fudge-Glazed (Black Bean) Brownies

Fugdy, rich, moist and decadent black bean brownies- no soy, dairy, gluten, nuts or refined sugar! All of this topped off with a clean 2 ingredient glaze... YUM!

When I get sad, I get in the kitchen. I pull out the mixer or the food processor or a big old baking dish, and I pull up Pinterest. Because few things in life cheer me up like baking does.

There’s just something therapeutic about taking the cold, smooth eggs, cracking them into a colorful bowl, whisking in flour and leaveners, tasting the batter, adjusting, tasting again…. and tasting one more time just in case it wasn’t really THAT good. Continue reading

Fluffy Whole Grain Gluten Free Cheddar Biscuits

Buttery, fluffy, flavorful…. and 100% Whole Grain.


Of all the things that I’ve missed going gluten free, biscuits have been near the top of the list. There’s something about having that buttery, bready element to go along with your meal that is deeply ingrained in my ideal of good, home cooked food. It probably comes from having several rounds of biscuits with dinner around my Grandparent’s table. Continue reading

A few reasons why I’m Thankful I’m Gluten Intolerant

Being gluten intolerant IMG_6166can be no joke.

If you can tolerate gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye and barley) I’m so happy for you. You’re the person that I see whose eyes light up when someone suggests pizza. Go on, you happy, free little thing. Eat your pizza. I’m actually going to enjoy seeing you enjoy it. Don’t mind if I stare. ;)

Continue reading

Cozy Winter Breakfast- FAST!

Today's oats had a sprinkle of nutmeg and a splash of pure maple syrup.

There’s not a single season where I’m not excited about breakfast.

Warm weather or cool, I look forward to the first meal of the day from the time I get up… and sometimes even from the time I go to bed! On rushed mornings it can get tough though- sometimes I end up resorting to a banana or a bowl of cereal that end up letting me down. Because I know we all have this struggle, I’ve decided to share my favorite fast (and still filling and fun) breakfast that will get your day off to a fantastic start. If your New Years Resolution was to eat healthier… this is a great start! Continue reading